yin immersion


Yin Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training with Bari

  • Enrich your Yin practice and knowledge whether you simply love Yin or would like to teach it!
  • Gain a deep(er) understanding of Yin Yoga’s
    • postures, variations, contraindications
    • origins, philosophy, and true essence
    • its purpose, what Yin does
    • relevant anatomy
    • related theories: meridians, chi, chakras
    • Yin’s myriad therapeutic and healing benefits for the body and mind, plus much more
  • If teaching Yin is your goal
    • learn to teach a knowledgeable, well thought out, incredible class
    • become more marketable and earn more money with this increasingly prominent yoga style
    • add this complementary (and essential!) form of yoga to your yoga toolbox
    • Certificate of Completion provided (after additional hours of classes, reading and homework).
    • 60 hour training.
Dates and Times:
Fall 2019. 
  • 2 weekends: both Sept 21 & 22, and Oct 19 & 20.  
  • 9am to 6pm each day.
  • For those interested in teaching Yin Yoga: a Certificate is provided upon completion of additional hours of Yin classes, observations, reading and homework.  60 hour training.  
  • Corepoweryoga, Lodo.  1956 Lawrence St, Suite 100, Denver, CO. 80202
  • Earliest Bird: $600, which must be paid in full and received by Saturday July 20, 2019.  
  • Early Bird: $700, which must be paid in full, and received from July 21, 2019 – Sunday August 18, 2019.   
  • Regular price: $800, paid in full and received after Sunday, August 18, 2019.  
  • To register: “reply” to Bari. Full payment due at registration by cash, check (address: 1750 Wewatta St. #1826. Denver, CO 80202), or Venmo (@Bari-Campbell).  Additional fee if paying by credit card. 
Bari’s Background: 
  • I am especially grateful to have trained with 2 founders and gurus of modern-day Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.
  • My yoga journey began in 2002.  I’m Certified Yoga Instructor with over 500 hours of training and over 7,000 hours of teaching. I’m trained in Vinyasa (power/flow), Hot (a.k.a. Bikram), Yoga with weights, Yin, Yoga for Athletes, and Yoga, Tai Chi and Exercises for People with Parkinson’s Disease and other mobility concerns.  I lead classes, workshops, and teacher trainings and also work privately with individuals, groups, corporations, and athletic teams.
What past participants had to say: 
  • Your training not only immersed me in Yin Yoga but gives way to a deeper understanding of anatomy, yogic philosophy, personal alignment, modifications, and SO much more. I truly believe every yoga teacher would benefit from this training, regardless of what style they practice, teach or hope to teach.  JC
  • Absolutely the best training I could ever conceive!!  You opened my eyes to the full purpose of yin in such a safe environment.  Everything was so meaningful and interesting, I can’t wait to learn more.  I feel so lucky to have found you.  KF
  • I love the presence Bari brought to this training, how she structured it, and that everyone got to speak in such a safe space.  So grateful and blessed for this opportunity. HG
  • I LOVED this training.  Bari has such an encouraging manner, her knowledge is awe-inspiring and she provides such a safe environment.  LL
  • This was an incredible experience!  The training covered so much relevant, interesting material.  I appreciate that Bari encouraged such great discussions, which were safe and accepting.  So grateful for you!  HP
  • Literally a perfect training! ! am honored to be shaped by you as a teacher. BR
  • I loved everything– the way you structured it, kept things moving, validated us, challenged us, and shared your Yin wisdom!  Thank you for this incredible training, and making me a better and wiser leader. JM
  • Honestly one of the best trainings I’ve ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot)!  Perfectly paced, great manual, useful and accessible information! WC
  • I am eternally grateful that I ended up in your training. I love the level of understanding and awareness you brought into the training. LB
  • Everything covered was so valuable as we dove into new Yin territory.  It was so complete. AS
  • The more Yin I’m exposed to, the more I am incredibly grateful for your training! The depth and understanding you bring to the practice and individuals is an amazing gift. Thank you!! 
  • Bari is so engaging, encouraging, and fosters a welcoming and educational environment. This training was all amazing! BDM
  • So worth it!  I loved the clear, concise instruction and the community discussions. LS
  • The training was so thorough and relatable.  I love that it focused less on how much one knows and more on serving the student. KMG
  • This training showed me the importance of balance in everyone’s life.  It facilitated nurturing growth.  I LOVE how Bari is not attached to her way, allowing us to find our own unique path rather than imposing her own beliefs on us.  Loved all the discussions which taught me so much. CP

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Cancellation policy: 
  • Payment 50% refundable if cancelled by Sunday, August 18, 2019. 
  • Payment non-refundable if cancelled after Sunday, August 18, 2019. 
  • If Bari needs to cancel this event (eg, not reaching the minimum number of participants, Bari’s unforeseen circumstances etc.), you will be notified ASAP and receive a full refund.