15-min workout

sculpt. strengthen. sustain.

In 15 minutes or less, just a few times a week, at home, on your own.

My proven, results-producing 15 minute weighted-workout:
  • targets upper-body areas and also includes core, balance, and lower body work to optimize every minute.
  • stimulates bone-density and metabolism, beautifully tones muscles, all making for a healthier body. 
  • focuses on good technique, and alignment that’s right for you, to keep you injury-free. 
  • helps you feel and look great!    

This 15-minute workout (it takes me 10) is done in your home, at your convenience; therefore, NO EXCUSES!  


For many years, I lead the YogaSculpt (yoga with weights) program for CorePowerYoga Boulder and taught YogaSculpt.  I became a multitasking “queen” when working out with weights. Truthfully, I never loved resistance-training, but I understand its importance for bone-density and metabolic health. I created a highly effective, highly efficient, weighted-workout.  Many private clients asked me to formalize this 15-minute NO EXCUSES workout.  

In one 60-minute private session* at my in-home gym, you’ll get a 15 minute weighted-workout that:
  • fits into busy lives. It is manageable and quick, therefore sustainable. 
  • is done in your own home- save money and time getting to a gym.
  • is done on your own– no ongoing trainer expense required.
  • is tailored to the areas women most want to target.
  • stimulates bone density because it puts healthy stress on bones.  So important as we age.
  • strengthens muscles, revs the metabolism, burns more calories since muscle burns more calories than fat.
  • helps you feel and look better.
  • includes video or photographs of you doing your workout, to remember good technique and alignment that’s right for you. 
  • costs $150, which equates to about $12 per month– saving you money and time on gym visits, memberships and trainer expenses.  
    • Some clients have requested follow-up sessions (for accountability, variety, or to ensure proper technique) which are done at a reduced price.  

Everyone deserves to feel great on the inside and out!


“I was wanting to freshen up my exercise routine. I know Bari as the yoga guru, but I now realize she has a lot of knowledge of toning muscles, balance, core… that can be done outside the yoga studio!  She shared her approach with me and really freshened up how I approach my time working out.  It really can be done in a very short, condensed amount of time!”  MV

“Bari designed a very efficient and effective home routine that focuses on my arms, balance and core strength.  I am able to complete the routine in a short amount of time so it’s easy to fit into my daily schedule and be consistent–which is leading to the desired results!”  KG

“I am so impressed with Bari’s 15 minute workout! Bari is so knowledgeable about the body. She tailored the workout to my specific needs and it has been such a helpful tool in keeping my body healthy and strong, especially when I am short on time (which is always). I highly recommend Bari in a heartbeat. She is awesome!”  SP

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*This usually can be done in one session depending on how much customization you desire.
Please consult with your healthcare professional before starting any physical regimen.