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“Your Best Look”:  define, refine or update your look!
  • You and I will go shopping, one-on-one, to help you determine what looks best on you. We’ll focus individually on YOU.
  • Together we’ll train your eye as we identify what fits and flatters your unique body and coloring. We all change over the years–even our coloring–and as a consequence what looks best does too.
  • When we finish working together, you will have a clear sense of “your best look”, and absolutely feel and look better.  
  • Afterward, I’ll create and email you your own personalized digital “look-book” with photos and your Yes and No’s to help keep you on track and looking great.  
  • We can also cover shopping tips, best stores for your needs, and strategies for shopping sales.
Benefits: You will:
  • Gain confidence as you learn to recognize what looks good on you, be empowered to develop and maintain your own best look, get more compliments! You deserve to feel and look great right now, no matter your lifestage, weight, or budget!
  • Save money since
    • you will buy less while realizing greater value from your clothing purchases
    • wardrobe “mistakes”, “almosts,” or “just misses” are expensive and wasted money.
      •  A small expenditure now can yield lifelong benefits and sartorial confidence.
  • Save time, money and frustration
    • as you pull together whole looks faster
    • during future shopping
Also specializing in:
  • Your Daughter’s Best Look:
    • Catch her at the age she begins to develop style, lifelong shopping skills, or possibly body-image issues
    • Think of the lifetime savings by teaching her to avoid style missteps
  • College Senior’s Best Look:
    • Dressing for interviews or building a work wardrobe
Fee: “Shapes and Colors” is a process, often taking two or three sessions.
  • $100/hr.  3 hr min. for initial session.
  • 2 hr min. for subsequent sessions.
  • “Look-book” time will be added onto total time.  30 min. minimum initial session; 15 min. minimum subsequent sessions.
  • Note: “Closet Intervention” is recommended first, since your closet is the most economical place to “shop”.

For information on Bari’s other Style services, please see Closet InterventionPersonal Shopping, and Streamlined Packing.

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Shapes and Colors