streamlined packing


Tired of:
  • Ever-escalating checked bag fees?  Worrying about lost luggage?  Running late for a plane and finding it’s too late to check your big bag?  Waiting and wasting time at the baggage carousel?
  • Over-packing? Wearing half of what you pack?
  • Lugging around a heavy suitcase?
Streamlined Packing is the solution!
  • Go almost anywhere with a carry-on suitcase (I traveled with only a carry-on bag for various three week trips, even to cold climates!)
You and I will:
  • address
    • what to look for in a good carry-on bag.
    • how to pare down while still having lots of great options that work together.
    • the shoe quandary.
    • loads of other packing tips.
  • create a master custom packing list just for you– never again forget to pack something.

Fee: $100/hour. 2 hr minimum

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